Eye Resources

Eye Exams

Eye Exams Comprehensive eye exams should occur early in life to ensure proper eye and vision development. Ongoing eye health examinations at regular intervals are equally important as many eye diseases and vision changes can occur without warning signs. During a comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Quarnberg and Dr. Reeder will use eye charts to measure…
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Introduction To The Eye

Introduction To The Eye Our eyes allow us to appreciate the beauty of the world, experience the joy of learning new activities, and undertake new adventures. Knowing the anatomy of your eyes and having regular examination is the best way to keep your eyes healthy and your vision intact. The sclera, also known as the…
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How The Eyes Works

How The Eyes Works At VisualEyes Eyecare, we believe education is one of our best tools. Your eyes are fascinating and intricate organs that allow you to see the word around you. Dr. Gary Quarnberg, Dr. Michael Reeder and the entire staff atVisualEyes Eyecare want you to share with you how your eyes detect and focus light…
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